Evoderm Brightening Stain Cream 3-pack

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Evoderm Brightening Stain Cream 3-pack

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Evoderm Brightening Stain Cream 50 ML 3-pack

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Brightening Stain Cream 3-pack from Evoderm protects against sun damage such as wrinkles and smudges, caused by UVA / UVB rays on the skin. Besides sunspots, antioxidants are powerful components. Brightening Stain Cream helps to prevent the formation of stains and the formation of new stains with active substances and vitamins that suppress melanin synthesis, age-related stains, pregnancy stains, hormone drugs (birth control pills). The skin gives a natural whiteness and illumination (retrica effect).

Especially Lumisphere is a proven, non-equivalent active ingredient. Sunscreen alone, anti-stain, anti-stain, light effect emitter and sealant features are available and available for sharing with clinical trials.

With the advantage that it is applicable to the whole body, Brightening Stain Cream does not leave an oily and sticky layer on the skin and it is easy to absorb due to its water-based property.

Evoderm Brightening Stain Cream 3-pack
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