Body hair Transplantation 

A procedure involves the placement of 200 to as many as 3,400 grafts or more. They are one and two hair grafts, depending upon the desired density and the size of the areas to be covered. Performed under a mild oral sedative, the three- to eight-hour body hair transplant is essentially painless. So is the recovery period. The only exception is when harvesting large areas of the chest, the anesthetizing process can be somewhat uncomfortable. Therefore some patients choose to have it performed under intravenous sedation under the supervision of an anesthetist.

body hair transplant fue

After the body hair transplant

The first five days after the procedure tiny crusts are surrounding each transplanted hair. Because of that by the second day, patients are able to travel home and resume normal activities.  The transplanted hairs fall out at around two weeks and then start to regrow at three months. In conclusion, they will continue to grow for a lifetime.

The procedure 

The body FUE transplantation, the extremely refined and challenging technique. Because the body hairs can be very difficult to extract in certain patients. The best areas for these donor hairs are the beard and chest. The main reasons patients utilize body hairs for restoring scalp hairs is when they have had multiple prior hair transplants. Therefore having a lack of further available donor hairs. The body hairs can be transplanted not only into balding scalp areas but also into donor site scars. They can effectively improve coverage. We have one of the few surgeons in the world with experience in this area.

body hair transplant Turkey

As this is a procedure in which we specialize most of our patients travel from out of the country. Only a few other surgeons in Turkey offer it. The entire procedure will be scheduled by email, phone, and virtual consultation. Our team is able to evaluate photos sent by the patient.