density warranty

Highest density hair transplant warranty

Choosing to have a FUE hair transplant at Sospitas gives you automatically a lifetime warranty! Most definitely you will be satisfied with the result. We tell you in advance what will be the realistic picture of the end result. You will also know exactly where you agree to. Thanks to our many years of experience we have always been able to deliver on what we promise.

We guarantee that the transplanted grafts (The grafts contain the hairs) will continue to grow for your entire life. The grafts are in fact derived from the eternal hair wreath. The hair follicles from this area will continue to produce hair throughout your life. Also, when hair is transplanted to a different area, they continue to retain this habit. We guarantee it in writing so you can always call us out on it, Lifetime warranty.

We give you advice for the highest result that is tailored to your situation. If you follow this advice, you can count on the highest hair density (under warranty) that can be achieved with a FUE hair transplant. Our medical team, our hair specialist, and surgeon will make a tailor-made procedure for your specific hair situation.

Best value for Lifetime warranty

Sospitas guarantees the best value for money for a hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey. We provide the best possible FUE hair transplantation for the best price. We will make an effort to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Whenever you need something Sospitas will find a way to make you as comfortable as humanly possible. Our staff is 24/7 available during your stay and will answer their phone even in the middle of the night. So you can relax and count on us in case you are in need of anything.

Lifetime hair transplant warranty