choi pen dhi

What are Choi Pens?

The Choi Implanter is a pen-like instrument with a 0.5-1.5mm hollow needle on one of its ends. After loading extracted hair grafts into the hollow needle end, the surgeon uses the pen to implant the pre-loaded grafts into the scalp. It is the latest technology in hair transplantation and density operations.

The Uses Of Choi Pens

Choi pens are used for hair transplantation in areas that need high density like the hairline. This technique has proven to be more successful compared to other traditional hand-held techniques. Choi pens are the main technique for beard and mustache operations. Also used for the eyebrow transplants for women. It guarantees high density and ensures the safety of the transplanted areas.

The Hair Density Operations Using Choi Pens:

The choi pen is the only used technique in hair density operations. This because of the ability of choi pens to grow the new grafts closely next to the original hair. it doesn’t cause any harm to it.

Since the opened canals will be fully grafted, there will be no loss of space. A more frequent density can be achieved. In the canal (FUE) method, 45-60 centimeters of hair can be added. With DHI 60-70 grafts per square centimeter can be achieved. Therefore, if the patients have a small amount of hair loss, DHI method will be the best option.

Healing is achieved in a shorter time because of the holes, which cannot be larger than the grafts. This means faster recovery for CHOI patients.

A more natural image can be obtained in the area where the planting is done since the direction of each piece of hair can be comfortably connected with the arranged hair.