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Hair Transplant for Men

The most experienced hair restoration hospital in Istanbul is Excellent Medical Travel. Our hair specialists are providing a minimally invasive procedure and natural aesthetically appealing hairline. You can see some of our results in our gallery. As a result, FUE hair transplant men is one of our specialisms.

fue hair transplant men

Our way of treatment

We are involved in almost every aspect of the FUE hair surgery experience. First of all other FUE hair surgery facilities have non-physicians performing hair surgery, Excellent Medical Travel uses only specialists to perform the hair transplantation procedure. Therefore our clinical expertise results in reduced graft transaction and higher harvesting rates. FUE is fast becoming the hair restoration procedure of choice. As FUE technology advances, better devices have emerged and we are proud to be ahead of the game.

fue hair transplant men

Therefore almost all our patients appreciate the natural aesthetic results with the FUE technique. As a result, FUE does not require the surgical removal of a section of the scalp. Therefore there will not be a linear scar at the back of the scalp. FUE uses your own natural hair follicles without using a scalpel, sutures or staples. Finally, the most desired aspects of FUE is the noninvasive nature of the surgery. It has a quicker recovery time and no linear donor scar at the donor site.

Up To 4000 Grafts Per Day

Hair treatment men with FUE removes individual hair follicles from the scalp and in their naturally occurring groupings of 1-4 hairs. So at Excellent Medical Travel, we are able to typically harvest or surgically remove and implant 4000 hair follicles. In one surgical setting, it is done using 0.6 mm or 0.8 mm punches. In conclusion, more hair follicles survive the transplantation from the permanent zone of the scalp to areas of balding. Most of all the surgical procedure varies from patient-to-patient. Most of the time procedures end after 6 hours while in some patients 10 hours is required. For more information about FUE hair transplant, contact us.

fue hair transplant men
FUE Hair Transplant Men
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