Medical Tourism Turkey 

Turkey is now the sixth most visited Medical Tourism Turkey destination in the world. According to statistics collected by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB). It also became one of the most popular medical tourism destinations. More than half a million medical tourists visited the country last year.

In 2010 109,000 medical tourists visited Turkey, but this figure rose to 683.000 last year. Mainly due to the rise in the number of tourists from the Middle East and Europe. With the addition of plastic surgery figures, this figure increased to 970,000 according to sector representatives.

Medical Tourism Turkey

The United States and Germany have been the most popular destinations for medical tourists, but also India, Malaysia, Cuba, Belgium, and Poland were also very popular. Turkey’s big advance is its geographical location, competitive prices, and highly qualified medical staff. That is why patients prefer Medical Tourism Turkey.

State activities 

With rising state incentives and marketing activities in the sector, the number of medical tourists has been increasing, according to the vice president of Turkey’s Medical Tourism Development Council. Turkey has been the best medical tourism destination after the U.S. and Germany in quality. Many health centers in Istanbul now make almost half of their revenue from their foreign patients. We can add that European people usually visit Turkey for optical care, dental treatment, plastic surgery, and hair transplantation operations. Also in vitro fertilization treatments are very popular. Some European health insurance companies even allow their customers to have surgery in Turkey. This is due to long waiting lists for operations in their own country.

medical tourism turkey

Middle Eastern people visit Medical Tourism Turkey as they could not find proper medical care in their countries and Turkey is geographically proximate to their countries. People from Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, however, prefer Germany for medical reasons rather than Turkey. Turkey’s Health Ministry intends to increase the number of medical tourists to 2 million by 2023. Introducing special health care zones tailored for foreign patients.